We believe that wellness must be a strategic part of a company’s vision for the future. Your company is made up of people; in order to create, innovate, and grow, those people must be healthy and happy in order to sustain long-term success.

Choose from a variety of our interactive wellness talks and workshops to improve and support the collective physical and mental health of your employees.

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We go beyond superficial wellness programs that only look good on paper; we create actionable programs that have “employee” care at the forefront to create proactive engagement and commitment. It's our goal to help facilitate a company culture that values wellness to drive wellness program commitment, participation, and engagement.

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Preventing injury  FOR “INDUSTRIAL ATHLETES”

How to prevent overuse injuries on the job and promote workplace wellness

Live Better produced a full “warm-up for work” stretching routine video, three site-specific mobility exercise routine videos for common workplace injuries, and held on-site education days to conduct live stretch classes for ramp operations’ employees as well as Safety administrators. Our delivery goals were simple: Help the ramp operations team better prepare and recover from the physical demands of their job to remain pain-free and healthier.

increased recovery

Decrease In Future
 Injury Reports

SMART movement
training practice

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How to showcase travel experiences to increase visibility for El Salvador 

Live Better produced commercial grade videos and photos highlighting traveler testimonials, destination experiences, culture highlights of the people of El Salvador. By producing a kickoff wellness retreat experience at Las Flores Resort in partnership with Avianca Airlines as the El Salvador Ministry of Tourism. Live Better has now hosted six retreats in the past five years bringing 100+ people to the destination.

595 million media
 Impressions in 2018

2,631 positive articles
about El Salvador

"GO List" to visit in 2019

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Workout programs for all levels delivered via an app that can be used for multiple goals and areas of interest.

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