What is a Live better retreat?

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All-in-one wellness trips dedicated to physical health, mental health, building community and more.

With daily activities like fitness classes, yoga, self-development workshops, surfing, meditations, and group discussions, these trips are about living life at your full potential; nothing less.

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Our retreat experiences are designed around four pillars within our system of wellness — move better, eat better, think better and give better. Combined, we believe these key practices will help you live better by creating a stronger, resilient, compassionate, and driven human being. Then, you get to share those gifts at your fullest potential with the world.

These retreat experiences are extremely unique; how rare is it that you return from a vacation feeling better than when you left? You’ll find daily movement, healthy food, social connection, and meaningful self-reflection are exactly what you were looking for.

The retreat

What we do.

Have fun. Try new things. Take risks. Meet new people. Workout early. Do yoga late. Take a nap. Make a smoothie. Sip coffee. Surf. Meditate. Stretch. Sweat. Hydrate. Share a connection. Sleep. Repeat.

Move Better. Eat Better. 
Think Better. Give Better. 

where we go.

In 2023, our 1-Day Retreats will be hosted in Chicago and our 3-Day Retreats will be hosted in Arizona. Our 6-Day Retreats are hosted in our home away from home, El Salvador.

Chicago. Arizona. El Salvador.


We aim to hold space in our community for ALL people to practice and improve their health. We work so hard to cultivate an environment that is inclusive, judgment free, safe, and welcoming. We attract ages 22-60 from all over the world in wide ranges of ability levels and experience. Come one, come all. 

The Growth Seeker.

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