LIVE BETTER & change the world.

We offer experiential wellness services to help you reach your goals and have the best day ever, every single day.


Through an evidence-based approach, we deliver health information from personal experience and a counsel of health and wellness experts.

Health & wellness is the foundation for performance

Our philosophy

We create systems of health for you to move, eat, think, give and ultimately live better.

A TOTAL approach to health.





Find the right Health & wellness for you. 

Digital and in-person events, coaching, programming and life-changing retreats.

In-person or virtual personal training, online performance coaching and online programs. 

Signature keynote talks, classes, actionable programs and custom executive experiences. 

Life-changing, transformational and rejuvinating international and domestic retreat experiences.

Previous companies we've supported

Live Better's co-founders have advised CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, professional athletes, entrepreneurs, and creatives alike on two things: How to make self-care a top priority, and then how to apply that energy towards finding purpose in their work.

Experienced trainers, here to help. 

What CLIENTS are saying.

"One of the best decisions I ever made. A kind reminder to put myself first, a community to rely on and source of inspiration. From nutrition to fitness, mindfulness to wellness, Live Better has really helped me accomplish much more than I ever thought I would."  


"My husband and I attended a Nicaragua retreat with these incredible humans not too long ago. Seriously amazing week. We both left feeling centered, rejuvenated, ALIVE, and the best part - 20+ more friends! So cool to immerse yourself in a group of like-minded strangers. Can't wait to do it again someday!"


"Live Better is your one stop shop for community, performance, mindset, healthy living, business development, and just overall better living. It's the place where like-minded people come together for the greater good of the community and are genuinely interested in living for their purpose."


"Bret and Jason inspire action and only share what they’ve personally done in their own lives. Their work reaches far beyond physical training and coaching. They foster real, honest conversation around important topics such as self awareness, managing limiting beliefs, and ultimately creating a system that works for each person and represents his or her values. This community is powerful!"


This company is comprised of passionate, driven, and truly genuine people. Jason and Bret go well beyond fitness, nutrition, and other surface level goals. This team helps you find out who you want to be in this life. They help create the blueprint, and work with you to achieve it. 10/10 recommend.


"They combine top notch training and personalized coaching that’s relatable, but also challenges the mind at the same time. No one in life has pushed me out of my comfort zone like they have. I wouldn’t train with anyone else because no one else has gotten to my core like the team at Live Better. I’m a life long client!"


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